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"Marin County, Bird' s Eye View"    20"x 24"
"Barn Village in Snow"    22"x 30"
"Forgotton Farmstead"      18"x 24"
"Barnwood"       14"x 18"
"French Woods"       40"x 30"
"Streetcar from Milano"    24"x 36"
"Caboose of Olden Days"         36"x 36"
"Lake Tahoo, Emerald Bay"      22"x 28"
Here is a pic of me  in front  of a  mural  (13 ft.x 16ft.)  that  I painted in an Italian        restaurant  (La Bella Trattoria,  Geary Blvd and 3rd Ave.)  here in San  Francisco.                                     
"Under the Palapas"  (Puerto Vallarta)     55"x 70"
"Dusty Drive"   28"x 22"  
"Jalisco, Mexico"         15"x 30"
"Cow Path in the Fog"      22"x 30"
"Morning Jogger"      24"x 36"
"Journey"       48"x 36"
"Three Date Palms"      36"x 24"
"Boardwalk at Sea Girt, NJ"     30"x 50"
"Going Surfing"       16"x 20"
"California Gold"        22"x 28"
"Transitional Woods"     30"x 50"
"Penguins on Iceberg"       24"x 24"
"Morning Fog"   30"x 40"
"Smokey Mountains"      40"x 30"
"Dreamland"  (the city on the bay.)   24"x 36"
"Earthrise"    24"x 36"
"Two Beach Chairs"     48"x 60"
"Folsom Street Finale"     24"x 36"
"North Woods"     30"x 40"
"Seal Rock, Ocean Beach"   30"x 50"
"Dore Alley"     30"x 30"
"Duboce Avënue, (view from artist's  studio)"  36"x 36"
"Gone Swimming"     20"x 24"
"Central Park (NYC)"     22"x 30"
"Folsom Street Finale"     24"x 36"
"Frozen Planet"   30"x 24"
"Rebirth"     28"x 22"
"Winter Wood"     36"x 36"
"Twilight in the Sierras"     40"x 30"